my story and philosophy

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​I am mainly a jewellery metalsmith but I also create sculpture and landscape magic spaces when I get the chance. I am normally based in Lawrence, Otago in Aotearoa New Zealand and work out of Frank's Studio. This is my workshop and I create and sell from here and love the interaction with people from all around the world. I believe every person walking in is an experience to be had and I feel huge gratitude for the opportunities that this sometimes brings.

I am also nomadic and live fulltime in my KDLC Bedford housetruck "Gypsy" and am on the road every chance I can get, mainly in winter but even a night away here and there rejuvenates my soul.  I can sometimes be seen banging away on my anvil on my deck at the beach, at a lake or in the bush all over New Zealand.  I live a simple life and firmly believe less is more. I am totally in my happy place cooking over an open fire in nature with local produce.


I started out my jewellery journey at The Learning Connexion Art School in Lower Hutt, Wellington and haven't looked back.  It is an amazing place and I recommend it to anyone inspired to get into creativity. 

I played with sculpting Oamaru stone, knife making, print making and painting as well and the synchronicity with what I do now is awesome.   I create with sterling silver and copper recycled from whatever I can find.  I am also now creating with NZ Pounamu and feel connected with this as I am an Earth person and feel a deep connection with nature and with the land. 

I am very grateful that I now am an apprentice knife maker (Mondays only lol)  to Garry McKeown of Vongruffknives.  Please check him out on Facebook and on his website.  He is a master craftsman and is slowly teaching me the only way is the right way, haha.


Thank you for enjoying my work and supporting me.  I hope to see you in the studio one day or somewhere around the country.  I'm hard to miss lol so don't be shy to say hi.   


Robyn x


Who is Frank?

Frank is my 1946 OLB Bedford housetruck I have owned for three years now.  I originally bought him from a talented housetruck builder, mechanic and engineer.  It was love at first sight and against all better judgement I bought him (because every woman wants two vintage Bedford housetrucks aye?) to be a long term project and a B&B one day.  That day is still to come…… 

I drove him from Wainuiomata, Wellington to Lawrence and oh what an adventure that was.  If you ever catch up with me one day, I can tell you that story!

I knew I would name my studio Frank's as one day I may possibly work from him on the road selling at a gypsy fair or on the side of the road. I can clearly see my old blacksmith's vice attached to his rear deck.  I know anything is possible and I still believe in magic, so watch this space 💜